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Apr 30, 2016


Energy Foods is fuel for every women. This data is a buzzword yet for the most part ladies take after an unscheduled eating regimen example including meager breakfast, rushed snacks and overstuffed suppers. This is certain to result in a slow state, unaccomplished undertakings and accordingly an awful day!
When talking about high energy foods that jump-start your day, almost everyone considers the quick list including high carbohydrate meals. Here we meet a big misconception. Carbohydrates no doubt are the quickest source of glucose that immediately gives energy when dissolved in blood but it absolutely doesn’t mean that they keep you going through the whole day long.


Diet and nutrition experts rather suggest to avoid instant sources of energy such as candy bars, soda and other sugary drinks as they immediately impart energy, which is short lived.

They break down very fast, and soon your body’s blood glucose level starts dropping again, making your energy level low. This is what makes high carbohydrate meals an inappropriate choice when talk of high energy foods.
You need steady and enduring high energy foods that jump-start your day and help retaining an adequate energy level throughout the day. So you need a balanced diet, containing adequate carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well. This is how you can get a steady output of energy to regulate your daily requirement. You should be well informed about the type of calories and their exact count you are taking in, when eating. There’s no harm consulting a dietitian and get a chart prepared.


Mostly, we successfully plan a balanced diet, covering all the nutrients but the time we take them is highly inappropriate and thus taking them remains a waste. A bad diet schedule means skipping meals, late or no breakfasts, hurried or fast food options for lunch, topped up with a big serving seven course dinner meal!!! A heavy dinner makes you feel tired and induces sleep disorders.
When we take high energy foods or heavy diet for dinner, we actually don’t need this energy as we don’t have to exert after dinners. Why take so much before going to bed?? when it’s not required rather adds strain to the digestive system.
What about taking high energy foods that jump-start your day very early in the morning? this fastens up your metabolism and thus you feel like working with a rejuvenated spirit.

Instead of taking three big meals, dietitians recommend to break the diet schedule into five smaller meals. A midnoon and an afternoon snacking can help restoring your energy level without letting it fall.
A proper and well maintained diet schedule is the ultimate solution that can keep you moving and manage your multi tasking every day. When planning or getting a prepared diet plan from dietitian, you need a consistent attitude towards your energy foods intake.

You need a right choice of food taken on the right time. In this connection, diet and nutrition experts recommend you to break down your daily ideal requirement of calories intake into three equal parts, leaving room for two snack meals.
These snack meals help topping up the energy level which might have fallen otherwise because of the long gaps in between the regular three meals. Thus your energy fixes up on an adequate level, keeping you work without any trouble.

Apr 27, 2016


Water can be categorised as the single most nourishment providing nutrient for humanity. It is essential to start the day through water intake and you can be assured of good health and vital energy.
Studies tell us that humans can survive a long stretch of five to seven weeks without food, but without water an average adult cannot last more than five days.
This simple knowledge is somehow not given due importance by a large section of the living population and they indulge in wrong practices like starting the morning with other drinks like coffee and tea which is just not recommended .Infact anything other than water is bad for general well being and healthy existence.

Necessity of early morning intake of water
System of our bodies requires water intake at the start of the day.In this regard it is Water that has great significance and value as is evident from following.

  • Our body comprises of 70 percent water.
  • The body muscles contain 75 percent water.
  • Brain cells comprise of 85 percent water.
  • Blood also has nearly 82 percent water.
  • The bones of the body also have water to the extent of 25 percent
From this one can realise and understand the importance of water for our healthy well being and act as advised.
Make it a practice to start the day with water.
  • It is beneficial to rise early,between 5 to 6 a.m.. Washing of face and mouth is not the first option
  • After getting up ,sit back comfortably and drink water. Four glasses of water intake are necessary
  • For those who are incapable of this quantity intake because of weak physique ,they can start with less quantity.For them one or two can suffice.

There is no need to worry about adverse affects of four water glasses intake .Infact researches highlight that this practice can revive your health and rid you of diseases.
Related Health benefits of drinking water every morning:
  • Water enhances the efficiency of immune system.
  • Water serves as a medication for ulcer and poor digestion health condition
  • Water even helps in getting rid of asthma and piles in a short time.
  • Water acts as a facilitating lubricant in the joint spaces and also keeps arthritis and back pain away
  • It is definitely a guard against occurence of cancer and kidney disorders.
A study of this post and reliance on the practice recommended will yield health benefits.It is natural cure to many unwanted diseases.Do not hesitate to share.

Apr 25, 2016


The world is becoming a smaller and smaller place thanks to newer technology and advancement in science. In older times it was hard even to get to the nearest towns but now things have completely changed. One can choose any location to spend their time in.
While most people still prefer Paris and Singapore as their favorite holiday destination, there are many who consider those locations yawn inducing simply because they need much more thrill than a tower or an art festival could provide.
For our readers who like to be challenged and choose the road less travelled we bring you today top five destinations most hard to reach.


Tristan da Cunha is located in the southern Atlantic Ocean. It is the most remote inhabitable place in the entire world. Located 1,700 miles away from the island is South Africa.  South American coast is 2000 miles away. Populated merely by 271 people the island boasts of a rich history. A Portuguese explorer discovered the island in 1506. A small number of people from British, Italian, and American chose to settle down in Tristan de Cunha in the 1800s.
Only way to travel to the island is by boat due to it’s remote location.


Isolated from the modern world Motuo County is located in Tibetan Autonomous Region. Sounds romantic doesn’t it? A county unspoiled by the modern science. Heres a catch. Reaching Motuo is a task in itself. No roads lead to the county. Travelers have to take the overland route through frozen parts of the Himalayas and use a suspension bridge that is 200-meter-long to enter the county.
Mudslides, volatile landscape and avalanches have rendered the efforts to construct a road, futile. The highway that was built in the 90s that led to the county was unusable within few days of construction gradually deteriorated by nature.


A small village situated 500 miles below the North Pole on the Arctic Ocean in Nunavut territory Canada Alert is another remote adventurous location on the list. It is located at the top of the world due to which there are 24 hours of daylight in summers and 24-hour darkness during the winter. The temperature can easily reach 40 degrees below zero. The airport in Alert is often rendered unusable by the harsh weather. 1,300 miles away there is a small fishing village.


Located in the neighborhood of Gambier Islands and Tahiti Pitcairn Islandsare in the center of the southern Pacific Ocean. The town has a population of 50 people.
In 1789, crewmembers of the HMS bounty were so mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the island that they overthrew their commander and settled on the island. Most inhabitants today are direct descendants of those crewmembers. There are no air strips. If one has to get to Pitcairn one has to travel by boats from New Zealand. This journey can take up to ten days.


Kerguelen Islands are located in the southern Indian Ocean. The islands have also been given the name of “Desolation Islands” due to it’s remoteness from any civilization. The island has no air strip. To reach the beautiful islands the travelers must take a six day boat ride a small island located off the coast of Madagascar called Reunion. Due to it’s location the island does not have any native population. It’s inhabitants are scientists and engineers from France. Apart from research facility the island also serves as a shelter to an endangered breed of French cattle.
Ever since it’s discovery in 1772 the islands have been a fascination for different biologists and explorers. Captain James Cook visited the islands in 1776.

Apr 17, 2016



Isn’t a pool just a giant tub of chlorinated water? How the hell do they get so expensive, then? Marble, water slides, mosaic tiles, and other awe-inspiring elements – that’s how.
While researching the most expensive pools built throughout the world, some sources agreed and others had different ideas about which pools are the most expensive. Such a thing seems strange to argue over; either a pool costs $10 million or it doesn’t. I guess, though, that some sources might take inflation into consideration or others might convert currencies more liberally.
Whether this list is factual or as potentially untrustworthy as the ones I sifted through, a sparkling line-up of incredibly expensive and luxurious pools is what this is about, and we delivered.
1. Hearst Castle, USA
It already sounds perfectly stunning and regal. “Where do you take the kids to swim?” “Oh, we live at the Hearst Castle, so we just swim in that $10 million pool we have lying around in the backyard.”
But really, this pool – or pools, I suppose, as the Hearst Castle actually boasts 2 pools – was built around 1924 to the tune of $10 million. In case you were wondering, that’s a sweet sounding tune.

We’re not sure whether that’s $10 million in 1924 or $10 million our time, but we’re hoping the latter, because the former undermines everything we’ve ever dreamed the 20s looked like.
Can we call a castle a “crib”?
The elegant pool, built with marble and mosaic tiles, is privately owned by Mr. William Randolph Hearst, and apparently this is his castle. Move over, MTV.
By the way, this fancy pool in California is the first and last time we see the USA on the list. It seems America’s unique craft for engineering all things absurdly lavish is – wait for it – sinking. Ah, see what I did there?
2. Lev Leviev Residence, United Kingdom
This pool is equally as expensive and just as private as the last masterpiece. Situated in London, the pool is owned by an “Israeli businessman” who — one should assume — goes by the name Lev Leviev.

The pool to accompany the city of gold?
It’s easy to understand how the pool racked up such a high price tag when I tell you that it was constructed with mosaic tiles and gold. Yes, gold. I think I’ve read similar descriptions in the Bible, making this pool the most heavenly on our list!
Also heavenly (or at least that’s what I hear) are the spa and steam bath associated with the giant pool. The Lev Leviev probably didn’t need anything more to make it the perfect venue for relaxation, but that mysterious businessman is apparently a bit of a spendthrift. Oh, did the $10 million pool give that away?
3. SeaGaia Ocean Dome, Japan
This $2 billion structure makes a mockery of those measly $10 million pools we just ooed and awed over. Oh well, onto bigger and better things!
Speaking of big things, the Ocean Dome is the largest indoor pool in the world, coming in at a whopping 328,000 square feet. Don’t quote me on that number; I did the math myself. You get the idea – unbelievably massive indoor pool.

The only stereotypical surfer joke I’ll make all day…
The pool boasts a gnarly artificial wave pool, and I say gnarly only because surfers take to these artificial waves like they’re the real things. Also included are mock volcanoes. In case the fear of being trapped in the undercurrent of the wave pool wasn’t enough, you can focus on the sound of artificial volcanic eruptions.
The giant Ocean Dome is also equipped with a water slide area. This pool (if you can call it that) is perfect for every water lover. Surfers, waterpark enthusiasts, swimmers, and volcano fans can all gather here in unrivaled merriment.
4. San Alfonso, Chile
Another $2 billion pool, the San Alfonso sees the Ocean Dome’s “largest indoor pool” and raises it a 2008 Guinness World Record. Well played, Chile. The giant swimming pool took about 5 years to build, and with good reason; it’s about 20 acres in size. You thought maintaining a 20-acre yard was exhausting - how about the pool maintenance for this beast?

I suppose the real question is: how do they fill that enormous swimming pool? With filtered sea water, which makes sense, since the ocean is the only source of water large enough to fill such a pool.
Maybe the water we see on Earth from space is San Alfonso rather than the sea…
Did I mention the pool gets up to 11 feet deep? It almost seems masochistic how difficult they’ve made filling this thing. I bet the maintenance crew cringes every time some over enthusiastic swimmer launches a cannonball into the water, quivering as that precious water splashes out of the enormous pool.
5. City of Stars, Egypt
The most expensive pool in the world is the City of Stars, situated in Sharm el Sheikh. Fun fact: the enormous lagoon-esque  pool structure is made by Crystal Lagoons, which also has its signature on the our last pool, the San Alfonso in Chile.

Along with the largest, 21-acre lagoon, there are 11 other lagoons staggered throughout this tourist attraction. Of course this project rang up a bill of about $5.5 billion, which is arguably more than most of our dates cost (though it doesn’t appear that way at the mall, does it?).
Crystal Lagoons, you clever pool experts.
Just like the San Alfonso, and probably because it’s pioneered by the same team, the water to fill the lagoons is pulled from the sea and filtered through technology that was specially created by Crystal Lagoons.
If you research expensive pools, you might not find this behemoth on the list, because it’s relatively new compared to several others usually named.
Constructed in 2009, the City of Stars easily surpassed all of the pools previously hailed as the most expensive. 
Crystal Lagoons is a group to keep an eye on. They have a seemingly continuous outflow of major, awe-inspiring projects, including lavish golf courses and water parks.
Should you ever have the burning desire to swim in an incredibly large, lavish, or expensive pool or manmade beach (and you should), you’ve got enough material here to work with. While I’ve never visited the City of Stars or heard the crack of Seagaia’s artificial volcanoes, I’m confident none of these sites would disappoint you or your wanderlust.

Apr 16, 2016


We've experienced the tips and photographs of more than a million explorers on a mission to discover these spots which rouse, astonish, and essentially blow our mind. From the wildernesses of Indonesia to the valleys of Tibet, here at the 10 most stunning blessed places far and wide.

Placed in Saudi Arabia, Mecca is viewed as the most hallowed city in the Islamic confidence. Each absolved Muslim is ordered to visit Mecca at any rate once in their lives.
Muslims accept that Mecca is the origin of Muhammad, the prophet and author of Islam. Consistently, Muslims are relied upon to say a supplication to God confronting the holiest site of Islam- the Kaaba.

For Muslim religion, keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish preeminent blessedness one needs to visit Mecca as a traveler. Islam's holiest site is restrictive just for individuals grasping the Muslim religion.


Mount Kailash represents a testing move to any mountain dweller as the mountain has never been scaled previously, its territory being known to be excessively unsafe.

Its unconquered top is viewed as a sacred ground to four religions: Bon, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.


Jerusalem holiest site for the most part adored by Christians far and wide. Jerusalem, the origin of Jesus Christ is additionally incidentally upset by war. Israel is in steady clash with the Palestinians, clashes that go again to Biblical times because of regional difference.


The city of New Delhi isn't precisely known for peace and calm, yet the dazzling Lotus Temple, home of the Baha'i confidence, is a genuine desert spring of serenity. Inherent 1980, the bloom formed sanctuary is encompassed by tranquil enclosures and a substantial inside space is saved for individuals of all beliefs to come and ruminate.


Southern France is spotted with beautiful mountaintop houses of worship, however none are as amazing as the church of Saint-Michel d'aiguilhe. In the wake of moving in excess of 200 steps up a rocky volcanic rock, guests discover a magnificent tenth century church and completely lovely perspectives of the encompassing town.


What would we be able to say in regards to the Hagia Sophia? It's one of the most seasoned and most structurally compelling spots of love on the planet. While it’s celebrated for its striking arches and Byzantine mosaics, the way that voyagers from all societies and religions group to observe her glories is the thing that genuinely makes the Hagia Sophia uncommon.


The Meiji Shrine is a Shinto altar in Tokyo initially implicit honor of Japan's first cutting edge sovereign, Emperor Meiji. While encompassed by Tokyo's ultra-advanced high rises, the Meiji Shrine is settled in excess of 150 sections of land of tranquil evergreens and is conventional most loved of Tokyo occupants, a large number of whom come here to ruminate, go to a customary wedding, or just appreciate the natural air.


In spite of the fact that constructed by the popular Pharaoh Ramesses II in excess of 3,000 years prior, the Abu Simbel Temples and their dazzling monsters are more well known than at any other time? The two sanctuaries of Ramses II and Nefertari were cut straightforwardly into the rock and their inner parts characteristic gigantic sections lined with hieroglyphics.


Close to the town of Meteora in focal Greece, enormous solid stones extend into the sky making a standout amongst the loveliest displays in Europe. The best part? The cumbersome precipices are spotted with notable cloisters, huge numbers of which can be gone by are still being used today. In the wake of going to the cloisters, explorers can make the climb once again to the base while appreciating the glorious perspectives.


Numerous voyagers to Krabi, Thailand invest their time between the bar and the shoreline; however the region is home to one of the world's most amazing religious destinations: the Tiger Cave Temple. Voyagers must climb a wilderness staircase lined with monkeys and shrouded altars before landing at the brilliant Buddha at the 2,000ft. Top.


The Grand Mosque in Bahria Town is one of the rare beauties you get to see in Lahore. The complete name of the mosque is the Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town Lahore. The red bricked beauty stands in the Bahria Town Lahore with not just people who come to pray there five times a day, but with people who come from far off just to see the mosque as well.
The Grand Mosque is an excellent example of simplicity as it teams up contemporary architecture with the otherwise old architecture of the Lahore city.
The mosque has a great deal of amazing and fun facts related to the mosque which includes the fact that it is the largest mosque in the entire Pakistan and is the 7th largest mosque in the world. That is right, this beautiful mosque has earned Pakistan a spot on the list of largest mosques in the world.
The size of the Grand Mosque in Bahria Town is calculated by the covered space of the praying facility in the mosque which is actually very huge.

Now we will share some numerical facts which are highly interesting about the Grand Mosque in Bahria Town Lahore. The accommodation capacity in the main grand hall of the mosque is 25,000 people and as for the entire accommodation capacity, the mosque can accommodate 70,000 people

With its 21 domes and four 165 feet high minarets, this beautiful mosque can compete with any beautiful mosques all around the globe. These domes and minarets make the mosque visible from quite a distance making it look even more ethereal. The facts mentioned above make the mosque one of the biggest mosques in the world in terms of covered area.

The mosque has a functioning fountain which is perfect for the contemporary yet traditional architecture of the mosque. A question might arise in our minds that who is the amazing architect of this wonderful looking mosque and the answer is quite easy. It is none other than the biggest name in the world of Pakistani architecture Mr. Nayyar Ali Dada.

The gleaming marble floors and mosaic made by the Multani Mosaic makers adds very much to the beauty of the mosque. The total number of mosaic tiles in the mosque is 4000. The best part is that the admin of the Grand Mosque in Bahria Town Lahore is very much concerned about the cleanliness of the mosque and you can see machines and workers, cleaning the mosque at tiny intervals of time.

The tailor made chandeliers are just magical and they add so much to the beauty of the mosque that people actually stand and look at the chandeliers for the longest of times. The chandeliers give an altogether look from all different floors of the Grand Mosque.

The mosque has a special place on the second floor reserved solely for women making it very few of the mosques in Pakistan which have a space reserved especially for female namazis.  There is basement in the grand mosque which is basically comprised of an Islamic art Gallery and a religious school which has not yet been made functional but will start functioning in a matter of time.

If you ever get a chance to visit this amazingly built mosque, do not miss it. As for all Lahoris, you must pay a visit to the mosque as the experience is just great.

Apr 12, 2016


1400 years back, the most beautiful gift of Allah had been showered down on Muslims / people of the entire world as blessing. The spiritual religion, the religion that is a method of living, the essence of souls was sprinkled as glitters of glory, ISLAM! Flashing back to 1400 years, Allah’s messenger Muhammad (PBUH) was sent to earth.
He preached the entire Ummah the messages of Allah, for that it took him 23 years to deliver the true message of Allah. His journey of preaching Islam to his companions was accompanied by the book of Allah ‘QURAN’. For someone to reach height of glory in both the words, it is compulsion for them to follow the Quran and Sunnah!
The love of Muhammad (SAW) lies within the heart of every true believer. It is this love and his beloved teachings that drive our desire enthusiastically to visit the places Muhammad (SAW) visited, or the places that had been once visited by our other beloved Prophets (A.S)/ companions of Prophet  Muhammad (SAW).
We as Ummah love him so much; we want to track down to the places to feel the presence of our beloved mentor (SAW) and other mentors (Prophets A.S). We want to visit the lands that still hold the aroma of the most important life occurring events in the history of mankind. Yes folks, this is agenda for today ‘Islamic Religious places in the world
Here is the list of the 7 holy places embarked as Islamic religious places:
1. Kaaba
Situated in holiest city Mecca lays Allah’s house in Saudi Arabia. Mecca is the place where Muhammad (SAW) was born and practiced Islam for a major time of his life. It had been the most beloved land of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and it had been a land, where for the very first time Islam was preached.

The existence of Kaaba is traced back to time of ‘forever’ as long as mankind was discovered and prior to it. Kaaba existed since the time of Hazrat Aadam A.S. It had been through a lot of re-building / renovation since then. The most important of the Islamic ritual ‘Hajj’ is observed every year.

Muslims from all the across the fly to Mecca. Kaaba is surrounded by ‘Masjid ul haram’. Hajj is the pillar of Islam, and well you can infer through this the accountability/significance of visiting Kaaba and the surrounding land for a Muslim. This is the holiest of all the Islamic religious places for a Muslim / any being.
2. Masjid-e-Nabvi
The second most Islamic religious place for Muslims is ‘Masjid-e- Nabvi’ in the holiest city of Medina. Medina, the most serene city, the city of peace, love and welcome. The city of our beloved, beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The foundation of Masjid e Nabvi had been laid by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) along with his companions. This is the second largest mosque in the world. The serenest place on the face of the earth is this beauty that lies in the city of Medina.

It is also the final resting place of Muhammad (SAW) and his sincere companions Hazrat Abu-Bakr (R.A) and Hazrat Umar (R.A). It is the most important of Islamic religious places in the world.
3. Najaf

It is a holy city situated in Iraq. It is where the tomb of Hazrat Ali ibne talib (R.A) is built. The cousin and son-in-law of our beloved Muhammad (SAW). He was the first child to accept Islam.

This city holds great significance in the eyes of the Muslims being one of important places from the Islamic religious places.
4. Karbala

A city in Iraq which holds a history with the most tragic event in the antiquity of this Ummah. A place where the brutally lethal war in the history of Muslims took place in the month of Muharram.A place where the family tree of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was martyred. A place where the blood of the innocents was shed. Hussain ibne Ali (R.A) was martyred in this land.

This place is a recall of manifestation of cruelty and brutality at its peak. The shrine of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) is also present in the same city. This Islamic religious place holds a very vital significance for Muslims; it is an example of martyrdom, courage and sacrifice.
5. Cave Hira

It is situated on the mountain of Jabal al Nur in Mecca. Saudi Arabia. It is the very cave our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to spend his time in meditation and praying in supreme solitude, before he became a Prophet at an age of 40.

The first revelation of Islam “Iqra” was sent to Muhammad (SAW) in this cave, brought by Hazrat Jibrail (A.S). Hence, it dictates an eminent importance in terms of Islamic religious places in the world.
6. Masjid-e-Al-Qiblatain

It is regarded as one of the greatest mosques from the Islamic Religious places in the world. This Mosque is situated in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

The importance of this mosque lays with a very interesting religiously significant event that occurred there, yes, the change of Qibla from Jerusalem to Mecca.
7. Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a very significant place for Islam. This city was the prayer’s direction before the direction was converted to Mecca.

Masjid-e-Aqsa is also situated in the city. This city has a history of a very important event in Islam of ‘Miraaj’. It is when the holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) during his journey to heaven had stopped to pray at this city’s mosque. Hence it is one the most important Islamic religious places in the world.