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Apr 11, 2016

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The wedding season is gearing up. And what could possibly be the most overwhelming notion for a newlywed? Yes HONEYMOON! It is a natural instinct in human to plan a romantic journey for them after the immense duration of the tiring wedding preparations and the ceremony itself. It is the main time of their life as a couple when they actually come to know each other.
While, planning for this BIG thing people look into places and countries across the globe to spend the best of the best for the best days of their lives.
But to put it out on the plate, why not look into Pakistan? Pakistan is beautiful beautiful country! With places to take one’s heart forever! This country is a heaven on heart with variety of scenic beauty one could only imagine.
Oh, you don’t think this way? Well, let’s put some of the beauty out in open for you to see how your lovely days of life will turn even lovelier!
The Valleys of Kaghan & Naran
Entitled to be the land of fairies, this place is heaven on earth. People who have a nag for fishing, hiking and trekking should definitely go visit this beauty!  These valleys are utterly romantic places on the face of earth with their gorgeous beauties packed with magic.

They connect to the extremely miraculous valleys of Noor and Lalazar and connect with the magnificent Lake Saif ul Malook. So, this honeymoon destination is a die to go for!
Located at the Kunar river of KPK is the chitral valley which stands as one of the breathe taking magical valleys of Pakistan. The main important parts of Chitral are shandoor and Kalash. This place is a paradise for tourists.

It does not impart the effects of it scenic beauty only on the minds of the tourist but also these valleys carry a very ancient and informed culture which adds on as the retentive color for the tour! This is one amazing honeymoon destination for the newlyweds!
Neelum Valley
Talk about beauty and not mentioning Neelum valley is injustice. These are the magical valleys of Kashmir. The most romantic spots on earth.

The lush green mountains and hills blended with the beautiful neelum river flowing beside. This is a real catch for the couples who seek for love and romance!
Swat Valley
Why doesn’t know about this beauty? Swat is known for love, Swat is known for beauty, Swat is known for its orchids and flowers.

It is famous for Malam Jabbba and for the famous Swat museum and also for Miandam & Madyan. It is dreamland for those who want to venture for the perfect honeymoon.
Gilgit, Hunza and Skardu
Wohoo! Did I miss on this? My! Well, this is the perfect destination for all the couples out there. Nothing adds more than peace of  mind and pleasure of eye.

This place is the utter heaven on earth. Yes! Definitely this place stand for its eternal beauty hence making it the perfect eternal place for honeymoon destination.
Shogran Valley
Have you ever imagined a life full of green meadows and eccentric beauty? A beauty one can’t trade of anywhere? Well, this is a place I’m  talking about.

This place here is the actual place for those lone amazingly romantic couples truly in love. This place here is amazing and is the truest form of nature’s love one could ever relate. So yes it’s a go go grab honeymoon destination.
Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat Mountains
Last but not the least, this land here in Pakistan . An example of what heaven could be ! This is one of the highest places in  Pakistan and it is meant to be for those who have a nag for adventure!
So, there folks.

We have taken a round across the most romantic places in Pakistan which will serve as the best Honeymoon destinations for you. Hope you have the best honeymoon and the best bonding. Happy honeymooning!