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Mar 5, 2016

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How To Make Money Online With Youtube in Urdu & English

How To Make Money Online With Youtube in Urdu & English

Assalam-o-Alikum!. In our previous lecture, we learnt “How To Make Money On Dailymotion“. As you read, I don’t like money making through dailymotion because it pays less than Youtube. That’s why today, I am going to teach you “How To Make Money Online With Youtube”. Youtube is the best way of earning. You can earn more than 20$ per day. Good work results good earning. Do all by heart. I will discuss this procedure step by step. I hope you will like my article.

First Step To Make Money Online With Youtube

You must have a G-mail account to make money online with Youtube. If you have a G-mail account, you can use it. If you don’t have a G-mail account then create a new account of G-mail. After that follow the given steps.

  • Login to your gmail account and then visit
  • Reach on top right corner click on your image or blank image. You will see a menu. Click on Creator Studio.
  • You will be redirected to a new page. Where you will see many new options in left sidebar. You will have to create a a Youtube channel that is necessary to Make Money Online With Youtube.
  • After creating a channel see in your left sidebar “Channel” click on it. You will see many new options. Click on “Status & features”. Then See on top Click on “Verify”. Enter your mobile number and verify you account via mobile.
  • You can use your one mobile number with only two Youtube account for verification purpose. After verification again visit to status & Click on monetization. If you face any issue like “This feature is not available in your country” then click on advanced given in left side below to status and features.
  • You will see a page with many fields. You don’t need to fill all. Select you country United State there.
  • After that go back to status and features. Click on “Enable” that is placed with monetization. You will have to agree their terms and policies. After that you will be redirected to a new page whose title may be “Google Adsense“. There you have to sign in with your gmail account. You will see a form.
  • Fill out the form with exact details. Your name, Contact Number, Country (Real Country), Address(real) and submit it. After 3 hours of submission you will receive a confirmation E-mail by Youtube. Your account is ready to make money online with Youtube.
  • Now You can start work on Youtube by uploading videos.

Next Step To Make Money Online With Youtube

After approval, you can start online money making by uploading videos. There is a question that may be in your minds. Which type of videos do you need to upload to make money online with Youtube. You can upload any type of video like news,funny,entertainment etc. But remember Youtube don’t like copied videos. If you want to make money online with Youtube then you have to edit that video. After editin upload your videos on Youtube. There are many tutorials related to this. “How To Use Copied Content To Make Money Online With Youtube?”. You can easily learn this. Now, its time to make money online with Youtube without any investment. Upload your videos on Youtube. Give good title,description to your videos. Enable ads on your video by clicking on monetization which will be given each and every time when you are uploading new videos. Add different tags for your video. If your video is “How To Make Money Online With Youtube”. Then add tags like Youtube,make money with Youtube,earn on Youtube,money on Youtube,earning on Youtube,money making on Youtube etc. Each tag must be separated by comma. Use appropriate and more tags related to your video. Share your videos on social media to get more views. Remember, view from countries like USA and UK results more income as compare to other countries like Pakistan. Upload videos which may also watch by Americans or The English. As you know nowadays everyone want to make money online with Youtube & other methods like this. But many of them don’t know about this. Because there are many few people in Pakistan who know how to make money online with Youtube. You are lucky one who know about this.

At The End Of Make Money Online With Youtube

My article is only for beginners. if you want to be professional then you have to watch many tutorials on this topic. Simply search on Youtube “Make Money Online with Youtube in Urdu“. You will see a list videos that are specially created to teach you. After watching many videos and a lot of experience. You will be considered a professional money maker in the field of online money making. I am not your teacher but your brother (Only for boys =D). Teach to other people about this make money online without Youtube. Because if we want to remove poverity in our country then we have to teach Pakistanis about latest technology for earning and learning purpose. Sharing of this type of knowledge results more respect. Have a good time in this field. If you don’t want to make money online with Youtube. Then you can choose other methods. There are many other methods for online earning. Blogging is also a big field for money making. You can read my article “How To Make Money Online With Simple & Easy Methods?”. You may also read How To Make Money Online With Fiverr?.