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Mar 5, 2016

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Make Money Online on Dailymotion By Uploading Videos

How To Make Money Online on Dailymotion By Uploading Videos

Assalam o Alikum!. Today, I am going to teach something special that you may not know before this. You just can’t believe that you can make money online on dailymotion by sharing videos on it. You will be surprised that you can do this easily without much effort. Nowadays, everyone is looking for a part time job on internet. As prices of necessary commodities are mounting high that’s why part time job is need of every Pakistani & Indian. Many Pakistanis search on google Jobs in Pakistan because they are looking for a part time or full time job.

If you need a job before searching for a job try to make money online on dailymotion or using other online money making like blogging etc. Now come to the point. Are you ready to learn this method If yes then read the next points carefully.

How To Become Publisher On Dailymotion in Urdu & Hindi?

As it is clear from the title of this article that I’m going to explain How To Make Money Online On Dailymotion with simple and easy methods. It is not much difficult. I also have worked on dailymotion but didn’t make money. The reason behind this was that dailymotion pays poor amount on videos sharing as compare to youtube. As you know youtube is completely unblocked by Government Of Pakistan. So you can also use youtube for earning process. It is much more better than that of dailymotion. I am writing this article to teach you about dailymtion earning. If you want to make money online through different methods. you must know all about online money making. Following are the steps which you need to follow.

  • Create dailymotion account using your E-mail address that you are using currently. Sign up process in not difficult because it is free of cost. Provide all your details in sign up form on dailymotion.
  • If you want to create your account using facebook. You can do this easily by simply clicking on sign up with facebook button. That is given there.
  • You will be given a username that you would like to use for your channel. Choose an impressive username that could attract others to your channel.
  • After that you have to upload some quality videos. Those type of videos that you think people may like more. Good videos mean more views. More views results more earnings.
  • After that you need to Visit this link: There will be an option to become a publisher on dailymotion. Apply for it. You will receive their response as soon as possible. If you get rejected then don’t loose heart. Apply for it again. But I don’t think that dailymotion rejects applications. You must be login to do this.
  • Use your real details for signup process. This is a suggestion not an important part.

How To Make Money Online On Dailymotion?

After making account and applying for monetization your account will be able to make money. Now, its time to make money online on dailymotion. More videos and view on them will result more revenue. Put good content on your channel if you want to make money online on dailymotion. To earn more promote your videos by sharing them in different groups on facebook. More sharing of videos will result more views. and you may know earning depends on views. Increase your views on dailymotion to earn more.

At The End

I didn’t explained this topic because youtube is better than dailymotion for earning purpose. I will write an article on youtube “How To Make Money Online By Sharing Videos On Youtube in Pakistan”. This article was just for learning purpose not for earning. Earn through youtube or blogging.