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Mar 7, 2016

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Google Adwords Keyword Tool Training in Urdu & English

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Training in Urdu & English

Assalam o Alikum! As you know Search Engine Optimization is the life of your website. Good Search Engine Optimized Content results your site on first page of Search Engines specially on Google. Nowadays, google is a most famous and unbeatable search engine. As google is a search engine that’s why it provides webmaster tools to websites administrators.Google Webmaster tool is not single tool it is based on many other tools that are very important to know for websites administrators. If you’re owner of any site you may know the importance of google Webmaster tool in this field.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool’s View

Before starting a new blog or working on an existing blog, it is very important to research on a keyword that you want to choose as your site’s niche. Many bloggers suggest to use the keywords of low competition because you can rank your website on low keyword in less time. Before knowing about Google keyword planner which is also known as Google Adwords Keyword Tool you must know about niche.
Google Keyword Planner tool is part of google adwords. It is specially designed for advertisers. But you don’t need to advertise because you can rank up your site by managing Search Engine Optimization. Using Google Keyword planner will result targeted traffic to your site. If your blog is based on hacking tutorials then google will send those people to your site which want to learn hacking.

What is meant by Keyword / Niche of a blog or an article?

Keyword or niche of site or article stands for that keyword on which that blog or article is based. It is very important part of Search Engine Optimization. Lets see an Example of keyword or niche. As I wrote this article on webmaster tool. My article’s keyword or niche is Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This means that my complete article is fully concentrated on Google Adwords Keyword Tool because of my nice.

Suppose If I didn’t write this article without focusing on a google keyword. What you think, my article got ranked or not? Never Never. Because working without a good niche means I am wasting my time. So, learn about Google Adwords Keyword Tool to get success in your field.

How to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool?

Google Adwords keyword tool is very important if you want to know your niche. If you want to make a blog on Hacking then you have to search for some Keywords like “Facebook Hacking”, “Gmail Hacking”, “WordPress Hacking” etc. To Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool you must have to create an account for it. You can easily create an account using your gmail account. If you don’t have any gmail account then you have create a new one for Google Adwords Keyword Tool.
  • Visit and signup for it using gmail account. You must be 18+ years old for it. You can put wrong details related to your date of birth to use this tool if you are under 18.
After signup you will see dashboard. Now look on top of the page you will see an option “Tools” click on that and Select “Keyword Planner”. You will be redirected to a keyword planner page of Google Adwords Keyword Tool where you can start your research.
You will see three groups there that are following:
  • Search For New Keywords using a Phrase,website or category
  • Get Search Volume Data and Trends
  • Multiple Keyword Lists to get New Keywords
You have to select option one because other two are for some high purposes that I didn’t use anywhere.

Search For New Keywords using a Phrase,website or category

After selecting this option you will see three field blank fields and some targeting , Date Range and customize search related. Those options are following.

Blank Fields in Google Adwords Keyword Tool

  • Enter Product or Service
  • Your Landing Page
  • Your Product Category
Product or Service
In the given blank field on the page, you have to write one or more keywords for which you want to know in detail. Suppose you want to work on a Job blog then you have to search keywords like Jobs in Pakistan,Jobs in Lahore,Jobs in Karachi etc. You can search one keyword as well as many keywords in one search click. After that you will see an new page with related keywords and their competition.
Landing Page
If you don’t know on which keywords you can work on your blog. Enter your website URL here. Google Adwords Keyword Tool is will suggest you new keywords for your site. This is very better tool if you have already a blog and you are working on that. For Example, my site is based on make money online google will suggest me keywords like How to Make Money With DailymotionHow to Make Money With Fiverr etc. You can leave blank product and service field if you want to analyse by landing page.
Product Category
In Google Adwords Keyword Tool / Google Keyword Planner product category describes the category of your site or niche. This is very nice tool to work on specific category. As I have a website based on news. If I want to work on news based keywords then I will choose news category. You can leave it blank if you don’t want to focus on it. It is optional for you.

Targeting feature of Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Targeting feature of Google Adwords Keyword tool or Google Keyword Planner is very important. The reason behind this is that you can get more traffic by targeting a specific region for your content or blog. If your blog is for Pakistan select Pakistan there. This tool is also optional you can leave it blank. But I suggest you to use this tool to rank your blog.

Date Range for Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Date feature is used to know about keywords search. Means to say how many times a keyword is searched in date specific time or date. If you don’t use date tool, there will be no special effect. Google Will show you search analyses of past 12 months excluding current month. This too is also extra for you by Google Adwords Keyword Tool. You can use it to if you want to work on event keywords like valentine. People search for these type of keywords in specific days or months.

Customization Feature for Google Adwords Keyword Tool

I don’t think that you need to use customization tool. The reason behind this is that I didn’t use this tool. This is not special for you. You can research on this tool if you want to waste your time. But I have no time to write about it. It is the waste of time. I know Google Adwords Keyword Tool provides this feature for profession keyword experts but I am not a professional keyword expert that’s why I don’t use it.

Now its time to get ideas. Click on get ideas you will see a new page. There will be two options Keyword Groups Idea and  Keyword Idea. You have to click on Single Keyword ideas. I will highlight these options in video tutorial. After that there will be a complete analysis of a keyword.Google Adwords Keyword Tool will tell you following things about a keyword.
  • Monthly average searches
  • Competition
  • Bid Rate

Monthly Average Searches

Google Keyword Planner will show you how many times a keyword is searched in past months. Through this you will get idea of good keyword from where can you get more visitors. If a keyword is searched 1 lac time it means if rank your website or article on first page you will get a lot visitors which may be 40,000 , 50,000 or may 90,000. It depends upon your site or article title and meta description. A keyword with less searches results less traffic.


Every keyword has its own competition that you can see using Google Adwords Keyword Tool or planner. It means that how much time it takes to rank your article or website. A keyword with low competition results your blog or article on first page  is less time as compare to a keyword with medium or high competition. It doesn’t depend on monthly searches. If you find out a keyword with 1 million per month searches of low competition you can easily rank your blog or article. Monthly searches for a keyword do not effects on ranking. You can also work on high competition keywords but you need much struggle in that case. Nothing is impossible if you are ready to do.

Bid Rate

In Google Adwords Keyword Tool / planner Bid rate means how much advertisers are paying per click for that keyword. Use high bid keywords to make more money through your blog. You can’t imagine a high bid keyword what can do for you. If you find out a keyword with bid rate 3$ competition low and monthly searches more than 1 lac. It means that if you use Google Adsense on your blog to make money online , google will show ads related to that keyword. You will get paid 2$ for one click on that ad. 1000 clicks per day results 2000$ per day.

I hope you will learn a lot from my this article. Pray for me. I am waiting for your comments. More Comments results more articles. I will write more articles for you if you suggest me or ask me.